SNR ENG Ltd offers the ability to establish multi-utility (MU) designs including:-
  • GERS accredited gas main design (inclusive of LP / HP gas network).
  • NERS accredited electric main design (inclusive of LV / HV electricity network).
  • WIRS accredited water main design.
What are the advantages of multi-utility designs?
The primary benefit is cost saving which can be categorised in terms of instructing an efficient multi-utility design. A MU design can minimise the volume of trenches and crossings required on site by collaborative design and can also be influenced by the requirements of the Client or specific site. For example, by ensuring the mains are in a particular road corridor or cross at a certain location to avoid unnecessary implications / delays. Undertaking a MU design affords the opportunity to secure an approved design at an earlier stage than normal which can subsequently be offered for tender by a broader range of competitive Self-Lay Providers (SLPs).