SNR ENG Ltd offers the ability to produce multi-utility (MU) designs covering England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland including :-
  • GIRS accredited gas main design (inclusive of LP / HP gas network).
  • NERS accredited electric main design (inclusive of LV / HV electricity network up to 20kV).
  • WIRS accredited water main design (inclusive of diversions).

SNR ENG Ltd offers WIRS accredited water mains designs including:-
  • Analysis of soil condition reports.
  • Detailed contestable water mains design.
  • Detailed contestable water mains diversions design.
  • Fire authority liaison.
  • Fire mains design.
  • Materials schedule.
  • Non-domestic schemes of various sizes.
  • Residential schemes.
  • Water mains applications.

SNR ENG Ltd is able to procure EV charging designs too.
What are the advantages of multi-utility designs?

The primary benefit of multi-utility design is a financial saving which may be measured in overall costs or valued time / minimising delays on site.

  • A MU design can minimise the volume of trenches and crossings required on site by collaborative design and can also be influenced by the requirements of the Client or the specific site. For example, by ensuring the mains are in a particular road corridor or cross at a certain location to avoid unnecessary implications / delays.
  • A MU design can often be produced quicker than the individual designs by the series of Statutory Undertakers on each project with any alterations and variations undertaken quickly and more cost effectively too.

Undertaking a MU design affords the opportunity to secure an approved design at an earlier stage than normal and for the Client to own the design. In instances where this is a Developer, this can also improve the tender process as it can be tendered by a broader range of competitive Independent Network Operators (iDNOs), Self-Lay Providers (SLPs) and even New Appointments and Variations (NAVs) whilst maintaining confidence throughout the tender stage as the same information is being priced.

What is WIRS?

Operated by LRQA, on behalf of over twenty water utility companies, the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) permits accredited organisations to undertake works regarding water mains and supplies to properties.

Since 2020, SNR ENG Ltd is an accredited water mains designer and experienced in numerous supply areas such as Affinity Water, Anglian Water, Bristol Water, Cambridge Water, Essex & Suffolk Water, Scottish Water, SES Water, Severn Trent Water, South East Water, South Staffordshire Water, South West Water, Southern Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water. Furthermore, this experience includes NAVs such as Albion Water, ESP Water, Icosa Water Services, Indpendent Water Networks Ltd (IWNL) and Leep Networks.